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Right. Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

As he walked into the wind, Bertram Longenhauser's stringy hair undulated like so many strands of purple seaweed stricken with inexplicable muscle spasms. He tried to pull his gray pea-coat over his head in an attempt to ward off the chill in the air and to keep that same hair from flinging itself into his face and causing him to get hit by a passing biker. Alas, he could only manage to draw it up around his neck, where it did neither harm nor good but just looked odd.
It was late Autumn or maybe early August in a time not too far ahead or behind the present. A man in a black trenchcoat was warily vending stolen copies of the newest installment of the Harry Potter saga on the dingy street corner across from Bertram, who avoided the shifty book-dealer's glance with care. So engrossed was he in not looking at the man that he completely lost track of where he was, stumbled over the curb, and snapped to just as a the traffic light turned green.
Suddenly, Bertram realized that he was standing directly in the path of a semitruck decorated with a bumper sticker reading, "I break for honors students of schools where people save cows and eat vegetarians because they taste better." Needless to say, Bertram was dumbfounded. He was dumbfounded into an temporary, unfortunate, and potentially dangerous state of confusion paralysis.

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