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12:40am 30/06/2003
  (Um..I suppose I'm the first to continue this story. This place seems a bit...lacking of posts, so I'm just hoping someone will actually look at this community so they can continue from here. Right, so here's what I've written.)

Now, Bertram wasn’t stupid, despite what anyone watching would surely think upon seeing this odd man standing frozen in the middle of the road. And many people were watching. But not even cries of “Get out of the road!” or “You idiot, you’re going to die!” would bring Bertram back to full awareness. So he just continued staring.
When it seemed like there was no hope for Bertram, there was a sudden turn of events. The same man Bertram had been trying so hard to ignore was in fact his savior; the bookseller ran into the road after Bertram and pushed him out of the way, clinging onto his coat so that we would be dragged out of harm’s way as well. And it was just in time, too—the truck flew by without so much as slowing down.
Now on the sidewalk, the two men—Bertram and the bookseller—were in a rather uncomfortable position. Bertram was lying on his back on the pavement, with the other man on top of him, curled up in a ball, clinging tightly to Bertram’s coat. They stayed this way for a few agonizingly long, awkward moments until Bertram cleared his throat. The other man snapped back to attention and realized the position he was in, and immediately jumped to his feet, not sure of what to do. He thought briefly of his stolen book sales, debating whether or not to go back and completely forget about what had just happened, but…he decided against that, and waited uncomfortably to see what Bertram would do.
Right. Let's get the ball rolling, shall we? 
12:05am 21/06/2003
  As he walked into the wind, Bertram Longenhauser's stringy hair undulated like so many strands of purple seaweed stricken with inexplicable muscle spasms. He tried to pull his gray pea-coat over his head in an attempt to ward off the chill in the air and to keep that same hair from flinging itself into his face and causing him to get hit by a passing biker. Alas, he could only manage to draw it up around his neck, where it did neither harm nor good but just looked odd.
It was late Autumn or maybe early August in a time not too far ahead or behind the present. A man in a black trenchcoat was warily vending stolen copies of the newest installment of the Harry Potter saga on the dingy street corner across from Bertram, who avoided the shifty book-dealer's glance with care. So engrossed was he in not looking at the man that he completely lost track of where he was, stumbled over the curb, and snapped to just as a the traffic light turned green.
Suddenly, Bertram realized that he was standing directly in the path of a semitruck decorated with a bumper sticker reading, "I break for honors students of schools where people save cows and eat vegetarians because they taste better." Needless to say, Bertram was dumbfounded. He was dumbfounded into an temporary, unfortunate, and potentially dangerous state of confusion paralysis.

((Note: The story says, "Continue meee!" Reply with a post, not a comment, if you please. ^.^))
Reply to this ... 
11:38pm 18/06/2003
  ... if you care to participate.
Looks like there are a few members now. Enough to start the writing, eh? This is good.
But first thing's first: what to write about. Would you prefer to decide on what to start with as a group? Or would you have me simply write up something random and work from there? Note that if somebody doesn't have enough patience for this, he/she (I am politically correct :)) may feel free to jump up and write something himself/herself if so desired.
I await a reply.
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Welcome to Lapsus Calami 
11:55pm 17/06/2003
  Welcome to looking at Lapsus Calami, anyway. Whether or not you join and can actually be welcomed to the group is probably something as yet undecided.
Doubtless, you are currently wondering, "Why am I here?" Well, I can't answer that question, unless you want to subscribe to my philosophy that you aren't really here, so there's no reason for you to be wondering that. But I digress. I can answer the question of, "Uhm, what's up wid dis?" (or however you may phrase it.)
I started this community so that we could all write stories! Cool concept, what?
I've decided to wait until someone else turns up who also wants to write stories to actually start that story that is to be written. I have this problem, you see, that when I create something and put a lot of effort into it and hope that it will work, nothing happens with it and it eventually fades away. I don't want that to happen with Lapsus Calami, so I've not invested a whole lot of thought into it yet. Maybe that's a bad thing and will actually deter people from joining, but it sure does save time.
However, I have made up some rules for when it does get off the ground. Rules are necessary even in a theoretically chaotic "society" such as this one will be if things go as planned. Most are obvious but need to be stated anyway, because this place will look good with a nice long post in it. In no particular order, here they are:
1. The theme of the story is something to be discussed and decided on amongst the community's members. I won't choose it arbitrarily, because that shows a lack of respect towards everyone else. If necessary, a random word generator will be consulted.
2. Unlike your typical game-type situation, no one person will be in charge of any one character in the story, unless it is innately agreed upon by the rest. That is, you can't loudly proclaim yourself the sole controller of the main character.
3. That concept referred to as "powergaming," "god-moding," or "twinking," is allowed, due to the existence of rule number two. Because no one is in charge of any one thing in particular, anyone can do whatever they like to whomever or whatever they like. Kill things, main people, have giant fire-breathing dragons eat the main character's home town. Whatever.
4. People will continue the story in no specific order. It will work on a "first come, first post" basis, and so if you really, really wanted to add something at that one part where that one thing happened, and somebody managed to get in there and change everything around before you, too bad. You gotta be quick like a fox ... or something .....

Err ... that is all that I could come up with. That's enough for now.
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